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Our Approach

Our vision has always been to create the freshest snack foods using the finest ingredients. The goal is to deliver a product that every customer is proud to consume or share with family and friends.  At Knot of this World, we care about the quality of every pretzel and item available. We GUARANTEE your complete satisfaction.

Our Story

The BEST Pretzel on Long Island!

The Knot of this World Pretzel Company started in 1920 at a tiny local store in Brooklyn, New York. The very first pretzel was hand twisted by the Italian Grandfather of the current proprietor and Executive Chef, Mr. Ray Ruffino.

Ray’s Grandfather twisted pretzels the old fashioned way. He did it by hand with LOVE and PRIDE to complete perfection. Remember that old-time smell of a fresh pretzel coming from a New York City food cart?  Chances are the delicious aroma came from a Pretzel made by Grandpa Ruffino.

Decades later Ruffino’s father and his Uncle took the Pretzel Bakery and their Snack Foods such as Candy Apples, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Lemonade and Italian Ices to a new home on Long Island. They built their business with the same LOVE and PRIDE as their father. At a very young age, Ray’s Dad shared with him the importance of quality fresh products made with the best ingredients and creativity to capture any snack food lovers imagination and appetite.

In 1986, it was Ray’s turn to take the family pretzel empire to even higher level. Out of respect for his Dad and Uncle along with the help of his first cousin, the young Ruffino created Knot of this World. He began to build the franchise bigger than ever with even more delicious products and services. He found pretzel making a home in the Tri-County Flea Market in Levittown.

Today with the company’s main location still in Levittown at the newly named Unique Bazaar, Ruffino features a dedicated staff of food service professionals. The success of their well-known snack foods has led the business to a free-standing store at it’s new “Main Street” location in downtown Huntington, NY on New York Avenue.

Come in and visit Knot of this World; Have a seat and enjoy a hot,  fresh, hand-twisted pretzel with your favorite flavored mustard and more. If you cannot make it to the store then our friendly staff will see you at the many Farmers Markets and Street Fairs in the tristate area, just look for the famous yellow Pretzel tent. Knot of this World Pretzels even delivers special orders right to your location for all of your party and event needs.

We look forward to sharing with you, the very BEST Soft Pretzels and Snack Food Products on Long Island and most likely the entire East Coast!

Meet the Team

The Professionals at KNOT OF THIS WORLD!

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Ray Ruffino

Founder & CEO

Executive Chef

Ray has been creating and making pretzels of all kinds for over 40 years.

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Executive Vice President / Business Development Manager

Yvonne’s goal is to build many successful retail and wholesale locations throughout the tristate area.

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Operations Manager

Theresa delivers quality control, staff management and the highest level of products and services in the most efficient manner.

Need a special order or wholesale Pretzels?

Contact Knot of this World today and we will help you with all special orders including fundraising, wholesale items and Pretzel placement at your party, event or sales location.

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