Why we LOVE and respect fresh, Soft Pretzels!

Legend has it…

In 610 AD. Italian monks created folded strips of baked dough resembling crossed arms in worship. As a treat, these Pretiola or “little rewards” were given to children who properly recited their prayers.

The three holes in the middle of a pretzel have been interpreted as representing the Holy Trinity. The interlocking knot design has also been interpreted as a symbol of everlasting LOVE. Hey, they don’t call it “tying the knot” for nothing.

Pretzels come to America

During the early 1700’s, German and Dutch immigrants brought the pretzel to the New World where it gained popularity in New York and Pennsylvania. In 1861, Julius Sturgis became the first owner of a commercial pretzel bakery in America.

In the early 1950’s Joseph and Ray Ruffino were the first to introduce New York City (NYC) Soft Pretzels on Long Island. Through the years, their sons Ron and Ray carried on the tradition. As a five-year-old Ray’s father gave him a basket of pretzels and jelly apples to sell in front of his house and he sold them all. Pretzels have been Ray Ruffino’s passion ever since…

and that’s Knot of this World.

We look forward to sharing with YOU the very BEST Soft Pretzels and Snack Food Products on Long Island and most likely the entire East Coast!

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Soft Pretzel Braids

It’s a twisted pretzel taken to the next level!

The Knot of this World fresh, Soft Pretzel Braid is our signature product. When you walk through most Farmers Markets and Street Fairs on Long Island, you will see the joy on the faces of many pretzel lovers as they indulge in our twelve-ounce Braids prepared with a traditional pretzel dough. This awesome pretzel style delivers more knots (typically the best part of the pretzel) down the middle and a bigger bite with a fun satisfying texture. The Braids also can be utilized as a sandwich bread and they are a great sharing pretzels although you will definitely want to eat a whole one by yourself.

We totally understand and forgive you, if you don’t want share.

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Traditional Soft Pretzel Twists

How do like your Fresh Soft Pretzel?

At Knot of this World, our hand twisted Pretzels all have one-of-a-kind characteristics just like homemade. This technique allows them to come in all shapes and sizes that appeal to your eyes while getting your taste buds and tummy ready for the ultimate Pretzel experience. A Knot of this World Pretzel offers many choices such as light, dark, extra soft or crispy. Our traditional Pretzels are topped with delicious pretzel SALT (or they come unsalted if requested). These amazing treats will put the biggest smile on any face.

Be PICKY about your Pretzel.  SELECT the one that you like BEST but always make sure that you say your prayers.

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Flavored Pretzels

Flavored Pretzels INSIDE and OUT!

Knot of this World features dozens of our own tasty creations from hand-dipped chocolate pretzels on the outside to Cinnamon Sugar and stuffed flavored pretzels on the inside. These choices include Spinach & Mozzarella, Spinach & Feta, Pepperoni & Mozzarella, Bacon Cheddar, Jalapeno Cheddar, Jalapeno Cream Cheese, Chocolate Chip & Cream Cheese and just Cream Cheese. New Flavors are continuously being created by our owner and legendary Executive Chef Ray Ruffino. At first bite, you will crave a Knot of this World stuffed flavored pretzel.

Stop in for a Stuffed Pretzel and WE will satisfy the whole family!

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Need a special order or wholesale Pretzels?

Contact Knot of this World today and we will help you with special orders including fundraisers for schools, athletic programs and wholesale Pretzel placement at your party, event or sales location.

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